Au-delà du rien

Short dance play by Menka Nagrani

productions des pieds des mains Au-delà du rien is a short dance piece by Menka Nagrani featuring Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Marylin Perreault and Olivier Rousseau.

Three human beings, dispossessed, alone and vulnerable. Beyond the emptiness and the unsettling vertigo of the unknown, beyond nothing. When everything has collapsed, will there be one single heart left to beat?

An earth where one can breathe? Step-dancing moves to mark the rhythm of life? Au-delà du rien was created for Quartiers danses Festival in 2018.

productions des pieds des mains

Type of performance :
Short dance play, general public

Length : 20 minutes

Directing and Choreography : Menka Nagrani

Gabrielle Marion-Rivard and Olivier Rousseau

Erica Schmitz

Michel Faubert

Photo credit
Guillaume Carbonneau
Jacquie Hopfinger
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