Menka Nagrani Torpedo

Menka Nagrani Torpedo

Menka Nagrani COMM_UNION

Menka Nagrani Cultural Mediation Workshops

Menka Nagrani Cultural Mediation Workshops

Menka NagraniAppointment to the Order of Canada!

Upcoming projects:

A great interdisciplinary and inclusive improvisation match with our multi talented artists:

Marjolayne Auger, Normand Carrière, Marie-Ève Demers, Marie-Anik Deschamps, Edon Descollines, Anthony Dolbec, Félix Monette Dubeau, Jacqueline Van der Geer, Jacinte Giroux, Jean-François Hupé, Vincent Nicolas Provencher, Maryam Nour, Marc-André Poliquin, accompanied by our improv musicians Alexis Chartrand and Maëva Clermont.

After touring 11 Maisons de la culture, Torpedo is back again this year!

Dates :
Wednesday, October 26th 2023, 7:30pm
Maison de la culture Ointe-aux-Trembles
Free admission (info here)

Satureday, December 2nd 2023, 4pm
Cégep de Shawinigan (free admission)
Info here: Bibliothèque de Shawinigan 819-536-7218


COMM_UNION is a digital work of art featuring our performers Antony Dolbec, Mario Diamond, Jacinthe Giroux and Jean-François Hupé, produced by Olivier Arseneault, with original music by Alexis Chartrand and under the artistic direction of Menka Nagrani. COMM_UNION is a danced interpretation of the works of Lee Bae from his exhibition “UNION” presented at the PHI Foundation. It is a co-production of the Festival Quartiers Danses, the PHI Foundation and Productions des pieds des mains.

Cultural Mediation Workshops

This year Les Pied des mains Productions continue their long tradition of mediation workshops once again. Several teams made up of atypical and neurotypical actor-dancers accompanied by a musician will head off to introduce children and adults to socially engaged theater, contemporary dance and physical theater. This year we will collaborate with several community organizations, cultural centres, as well as the Place des arts.

Congratulations to Menka Nagrani on her recent appointment to the Order of Canada!

In addition to being a finalist for the Fully-fledged Prize of the "Office des personnes handicapées du Québec", our founder, director, choreographer and artistic director Menka Nagrani was named Member of the Order of Canada for her exceptional contribution to the Nation. It is the highest honor in the country bestowed by the Honorable Lieutenant Governor Mary Simon. Internationally recognized for her unique approach to professional inclusion and the training of artists with intellectual disabilities, Menka is regularly invited to give lectures and master classes here, in Canada and in Europe. Her ardent work in clearing the way and raising awareness for the recognition of the professional status of artists with disabilities has paved the way for new practices and new atypical artists on the professional stage.

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