Le Chemin des Passes dangereuses
(Down Dangerous Passes Road)

A Dance-Theatre Show by Menka Nagrani
Text by Michel Marc Bouchard

productions des pieds des mains A 80-minute interdisciplinary show with three actors, mixing theatre, contemporary dance, acrobatics, percussive dance and Quebec’s traditional step-dancing (gigue). Three brothers get in a car accident at the exact same spot where their father died years ago, tragically. This mythical play by Michel Marc Bouchard has been presented hundreds of times worldwide. Here you will discover a unique and surprising version, both played and danced as it integrates contemporary dance, acrobatics, percussive dance as well as... Quebec’s traditional step dancing! Bouchard’s text, traditional in its context and language, but contemporary in its form and writing, is perfect for this encounter between tradition and modernity.

At the heart of the production is rhythm. Rhythm given to every word, every gesture. A rhythm so precise it matches a step dancer’s feet. The step dancing’s dramatic force is revealed through the characters’ aggressiveness and conflicts, this work being anchored in a newly discovered body language. In this era of globalization, what remains of our cultural and artistic roots? This creation is a real identity and sociological boost, a beacon of our Quebec identity, which triggers deep reflections about the contemporary ways we embody traditional heritage.

« Successful mission for Menka Nagrani's small team with Le chemin des passes dangereuses. The Director and her three actors have accomplished a breathtaking show.(...) With her adaptation of the Michel Marc Bouchard theatre play, Menka Nagrani manages what many would like, but a few realize: a dance-theater fuson where both fields triumph thanks to amazing performances. (...) »
- Mario Cloutier, La Presse, February 20, 2015

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productions des pieds des mains

Type of performance :
Dance theatre, general public

Length : 80 minutes

Directing and Choreography : Menka Nagrani

Text : Michel Marc Bouchard

Arnaud Gloutnez, Félix Monette-Dubeau, Dominic St-Laurent

Claudie Gagnon

Anne-Sara Gendron

Ariane Lamarre

Music and Sound Design
Maeva Clermont

Photo Credit
Marc-André Goulet,
Claire Lafontaine

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